Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a form of pilates focused on treating specific injury or areas of pain. Clinical pilates is often used in combination with other forms of physiotherapy, and can provide additional benefits in the form of improved posture, balance and flexibility. By retraining your body’s core through targeted exercise, muscle pain and discomfort is alleviated. The aim of the treatment is to support overall recovery. Muscles are activated through specific exercises, as prescribed by a physiotherapist trained in clinical pilates. Where general exercises may aggravate existing trauma, or put you at risk of further injury — clinical pilates is measured, specific and attuned to your body’s requirements.

Our approach to clinical pilates.

At AquaPhysio Rehab Centre, clinical pilates is a beneficial adjunct to your physiotherapy to further facilitate core stability, soft tissue flexibility, muscle strength or endurance, and promote correct movement patterns based on your individual requirements.

When clinical pilates is employed as part of holistic treatment, it can contribute to:

  • Preventing future injury and muscle strain.
  • The rehabilitation of injury and ongoing pain.
  • Improved posture and core stability as an adjunct to ergonomics.
  • Facilitates performance in other sports.
  • Greater strength and flexibility.
After assessment and consultation, our physiotherapists can determine specific exercises that benefit your body and physical capabilities. Exercises are targeted to specific muscles, and are based on your identified imbalances or injury.