The aim of core strengthening by means of applying the principles of Pilates can be done safely and effectively in an aquatic environment. Its benefits extend not only to land-based Pilates and fitness enthusiasts and athletes, but more so to people with spinal, arthritic and joint pain conditions whose symptoms may not have been relieved fully from land-based Pilates.

In the heated pool environment, muscle relaxation is facilitated. Patients may immediately feel a relief from pain brought about by the tightness compromising the muscles and soft tissues that surround and the spine and other joints. Gentle, water-resisted exercises done with an unloaded joint and spine are made possible due to water's buoyant property. It could be possible that Pilates teasers done with pain in land may be close to being pain-free if done in water. Exercises can easily be modified by

controlling speed and range of motion. A limited hip movement in land, such as when doing the clam, may be easily done with less hip restrictions in water.

Aquatic Pilates, therefore, is an optimal way to treat patients with a variety of conditions that affect the spine and any joint in the body. It produces strong core muscles, at the same time that it improves one's flexibility, coordination and balance. At the end of each session, patients feel strengthened without the added stress of spinal and joint loading.

A full evaluation is done prior to starting the program to determine the patient's suitability to treatment.
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