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Looking for a physio therapy center that really knows how to address your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs? AquaPhysio Rehab Center offers a wide range of physiotherapy services to patients. We are the first private Center that offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the water in our own ‘state of the art, warm áqua-physio’ rehab pool. Schedule an appointment today and experience all the benefits that rehabilitation in the water can offer.


Our Practice



We, at AquaPhysio, believe in a team approach to the rehabilitation of your injury. We work closely with your medical specialist and with you to treat your injury and teach you how to manage your condition preventing recurrence or further injury. The AquaPhysio program we develop for you will be for long term management and maintenance. 


To deliver patient centered, evidence informed, holistic treatment that ensures a timely return to an optimal quality of life and activity.


Our team

Our team of Physiotherapists have over 10 years experience in Physiotherapy. They have been trained in Conventional Land Physiotherapy and have been trained in Aqua-Physiotherapy. They keep themselves updated and have attended courses in aquatic physiotherapy for rehabilitation both locally, in the US and in the UK. They are proficient and licensed to use High Frequency Laser and other modalities for pain reduction including cupping and dry needling. They are passionate in working with their clients to speed up their recovery whilst empowering them to prevent injury and promote confidence outside of their therapy sessions.

Our Services

AquaPhysio Rehab Center was the first private Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore offering aquatic rehabilitation by trained Physiotherapists. Unlike other Physiotherapy Centers who offer aquatic physiotherapy in your own pool or a public pool, the Center has its own state of the art warm water 'AquaPhysio' Rehab Pool. Rehabilitation is provided by our Aqua-Physiotherapists indoors and in complete privacy in one to one sessions.


Water has unique properties that provides for safe and effective rehabilitation.



Shockwave therapy is also commonly used to treat other tendon and muscular issues like tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, shoulder pain, heel pain, and numerous others.



A physiotherapist will utilize electrotherapeutic modalities for a number of reasons but they can be broadly separated in two:
– Improve tissue healing
– Pain management



Manual Therapy involves the use of hands on treatment by a qualified Physiotherapist to restore joint and soft tissue integrity.


Patient Education

There’s a reason why AquaPhysio is loved by clients, and part of it has to do with maintaining a relationship with our patients and the wider community. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to stay healthy, or want to learn about the latest industry trends, our patient education segment is always accessible and regularly updated to include the most relevant information.



I just want to let your wonderful team know that I loved the whole journey from day one. Your team took great care of me.

I sincerely appreciate your pre & post session assessment for always closely monitoring my physical condition and coaching me on how I can safely strengthen my body to get back in shape. I thought I could never jog again, but he have made it possible. Now, I am still practicing the exercises he have thought me and I am also able to do a bit of what I love the most as well, jog a distance of 5km without stopping. I cannot thank him enough for this.

The supervisor have always accommodated my requests promptly with care. She have never failed to assist me to arrange an appointment even on a short notice. I appreciate the effort on giving me constant reminders of upcoming appointment because without those I would have missed the opportunity to train myself especially when your clinic is serving more patients.

I always talk about how pleasant was my overall experience with Aquaphysio team. Your clinic should be proud of your whole team for doing such an outstanding job.

- Jashuva Prasada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Aqua-Physio rehab therapy and Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Therapy?

Aqua-Physio rehab therapy is carried out by a Physiotherapist or a Physiotherapy Assistant (under the supervision of a Physiotherapist) who has been trained in aquatic physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy or Aquatic therapy is exercises done in a warm water for fitness or well-being and does not require a Physiotherapist.

When is Aquatic Physiotherapy Not Recommended?

You may not be suitable for Aqua-Physio rehabilitative therapy if you have certain conditions including : 

These include:

an open or wet wound or skin infection
Raised temperature
High/low blood pressure
Our Aqua-Physiotherapist will assess your suitability for Aqua-Physio therapy

What happens if I can’t swim?

Aqua-Physio does not require you to know how to swim.
The water is chest-level. 
The physiotherapist is with you in the Rehab Pool.

Is this a group session?

At Aqua-Physio Rehab center, the Aqua-Physiotherapist works and focuses only on you.

How hot is the water?

The water is approximately 32ºC. 
This is of comfortable warmth.

Is there any parking?

Yes, we have parking space at Camden Medical Centre.

What will I need?

You will need to bring a swimming costume.
We will provide towel, shampoo and body wash.

The facilities are equipped with:

Private shower and changing room
Assessment rooms
Secure lockers
Front entrance with wheelchair access

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